Recorder Page
Here are the songs for 4th grade 1st round Recorder Karate Belts.  You must test in order, no skipping songs.

 Hot Cross Buns

 Gently Sleep
 Merrily We Roll Along

 It's Raining

 Old MacDonald

 When the Saints

 Twinkle Twinkle

 Amazing Grace

 Ode to Joy


These are the songs for the 2nd round of black belts.  There is a special challenge on the Can-Can song.  You will be able to get two belts for this.  One if you play it slow and the second if you can play the fast tempo.  Good Luck!

 The Wedding March

 Old Joe Clark

 On Top of Old Smokey

 Can Can (Slow)

Can Can (Fast)


 Polly Wolly

 I've Been Working

 When Johnny Come Marching

 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik