Dinner-View Project

“Dinner-View” for Music Class

Part 1


  • Your first assignment will be to interview an ADULT member of your family about their favorite musical group, singer or band.  (The person you interview can be anyone from a parent, grandparent, cousin, aunt or uncle or your guardian.) The person MUST be at LEAST 30 years old.  We are looking for a specific genre of music.
  • There are a few required questions that you will need to ask and then you also need to come up with a few questions for the interview on your own.  Think outside the box and be creative for the assignment.  You can create a poster, write a written report or create a video or…….. ???? (amaze me!)
  • You will also need to have 2 examples of the chosen group/musician.  Example 1 will be the person you chose to interviews favorite song and the 2nd example will be your favorite song.
  • You will present your “Dinner-View” to the class.  Finally you will be required to do the “Dinner-View” during a sit down dinner at the table.  If by chance the person you choose to interview works night shift you are more than welcome to do the interview during breakfast or lunch, but I prefer to have you do this assignment during a nice calm sit down dinner, at a dining room table.  Too often we get caught up in being too busy to sit down for dinner together.  Family dinners are a great way to share stories and enjoy some well deserved family time.  Have fun with this assignment.  I am excited to see what you produce for your project.


  1. Who are you interviewing?
  2. Why did you choose this person?
  3. What time did you have dinner and what day did the “dinner-view” occur? Time_________     Day_______
  4. What did you have to eat for dinner?    
  5. Who is your favorite musical group, band or singer? 
  6. Why are they your favorite?
  7. Did you ever see them in concert?
  8. What genre/style of music does this group represent? (Classical, jazz, pop, rock, new wave or other?) 
  9. Is the singer or members of the group all alive?  (If not please research and give information on the members.)
  10. What have you learned about the person you have interviewed that YOU did NOT know before the interview?
  11. The last 5 questions are questions that you will create yourself. Think creatively and ask good questions!

Part 2
1. Choose your favorite band, group or musician and research everything about your group.
1. This part doesn't have to by in interview form.  You may simply state your findings, but I will be more than happy to have you have the person YOU interviewed interview YOU!
3. Include one thing you didn't know about your group or person.
4. If you did this at Fairview last year you may choose another group to do or add to your choice last year.


Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, kim.meckes@csdcomets.org