Writing Rubric


Some writing assignments will be graded following the rubric below.


4 points

v  Complete sentences

v  Proper use of capital letters and periods

v  Detailed picture matching the sentence

v  Proficient to advanced in drawing

v  Overall, excellent response

3 points

v  Response is correctly written but forgets

capital letter and period

v  Detailed picture matching the sentence

but could be colored better

v  Proficient in drawing

v  Overall, correct response (with a few mistakes)

2 points

v  Attempts to write response but has difficulty

expressing thoughts into words

v  Draws and colors picture with some proficiency

but improvements can be made

1 point

v  Does not attempt to write response

v  Picture is incomplete

v  Partially proficient in both writing and picture drawing

4 points- Advanced (ADV)

3 points- Proficient (PRO)

2 points- Basic (BAS)

1 point- Below Basic (BB)

**Please note- First grade students will receive mostly PROFICIENT, BASIC, or BELOW BASIC grades since they are learning the skill of expressing their thoughts into writing. 
If your child receives an ADVANCED score, he/she did an outstanding job.