Reading/Spelling Homework

Reading & Spelling Homework

To access the "Wonders" website for reading practice materials and games, go to:

To log in, use your child's Username and Password that were
sent home at the beginning of the school year.


ELA homework due on Friday.

ELA homework due on Friday.

ELA homework due on Friday.

ELA homework due tomorrow.
Read current story in reader online.

Spelling test tomorrow.
Reading tests tomorrow!

See new ELA homework and new spelling list.
Have a SPECTACULAR weekend!!

Each Friday, the Spelling list for the following week along with the ELA homework for the new week will be sent home in your child's blue folder. 
The homework is due each Friday. 
Some activities just require a parent's signature while other activities will have work that needs to be turned in to me.  Please attach it to the homework sheet. 
These activities are meant to be a review of the work that is completed in class.

Please have students read the current story every Thursday night and ask them questions about their reading to help prepare them for their comprehension test on Friday. 
Students should be reading every day!!

Unless otherwise noted, Vocabulary and Phonics tests will be given each Thursday. Spelling, Reading (Comprehension), and Grammar tests will be given each Friday.