Understanding Title I Progress Reports

Title I Progress Reports:

Reading -

DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy skills) Next report-

Cover page: Benchmark results- Every student receives this assessment three times a year (beginning, middle, and end).  The goal for each subtest is located under your child’s results (in gray).  DIBELS scores are colored according to mastery level (blue=above benchmark, green=benchmark, yellow=below benchmark, red=well below benchmark).

Following pages: We monitor progress of those students who have not met goals.  These results help us determine if the plan we have in place is working.  They also help us to predict the likelihood of meeting the next benchmark goals.


Math -

GO Math Benchmark report-

Every student receives the benchmark assessment three times a year (beginning, middle, and).  This benchmark measures what a student should know by the end of the year.  Progress should be evident with each assessment to help predict proficiency of grade level math skills by the end of the year.