Crestwood HS 2018-2019 Clubs and Activities

get involved
There are many clubs and activities that students can get involved in !

Senior class
Advisors:  Mrs. Rozitski (Rm. 58) and Mrs. Laubach (Rm. 45)

Junior Class
Advisor:  Mrs. Gorman (Rm. 70)

Sophomore Class
Advisor:  Mrs. Krzywicki (Rm. 6)

Freshman Class

Advisor:  Mr. Matyas (Rm. 53)

Band/Jazzz Band
Mr. Ziegler and Mr. Theron Roberts

Stacked Books.pngHow to Organize a Book Club

Book Club
Advisor:  Mrs. Zavacky (Rm. 9)
Do you like to read and discuss today's best sellers and the most popular books published today for teens and young adults?  Book club is the place for you!  We meet every activity day in Room 9.

Adams Fly Drawing Az by the fly - how to tie flies by e.c. gregg

Fly Tying Club

Advisor:  Mr. Morris (Tech Room)

Theater Stage Clipart Clipartistnet clip art stage

Chorus /Play

Advisor:  Mrs. Leo (Band Room)
Chorus meets after school and performance are held twice a year.  The Play is performed during the fall semester.  Both on stage and behind the scenes roles are available.

French Club Clip Art at - vector clip art online, royalty ...
French Club

Advisor:  Madame Schwartz (Rm. 73)
French Club Officers organize cultural activities and games for each meeting during Activity period in the Middle School Cafeteria - French cuisine competition days, French holiday celebrations, French movies, French culture trivia days, French game days, etc.


plants i love plants
Kids Planting Seeds Clipart Plant a seed, grow a mind
One solution to recycling paper and plastic is the processof thermal ...

Green Club
Advisor:  Ms. Randle  (Rm. 23)
Help maintain the school greenhouse.  Plant, water, and harvest the fruits of our labor.  Support the school's recycling efforts.

interact club the interact club is an off shoot of the rotary club ...

Interacts Club

Advisor:  Madame Schwartz (Rm. 73)

Key Club

Advisor:  Mr. Garrett Henderson

English Exercises: Education Online Exercise
Literary magazine

Advisor:  Mr. Reznak (Room 5)
Students work to gather literary submissions and then work to compile them to a publish literary magazine that is available to the student body.

Magnolia Blossom Clip Art Brigitte vector art, free clipart

Magnolia Project
Advisor:  Angeline Abrahma, VOA

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Go Back > Pix For > Math Rocks Clip ArtMath Club
Advisor:  Mrs. Kreider (Rm. 52)
The club meets during Activity Period in Room 52.  We participate in PA Math League Contests during our meetings.  We also sell Pi Day t-shirts in March.  Come to our first meeting during the September Activity Period in Room 52 for more information.

United Nations | China Law & Policy
Model UN Club

Advisor:  Mr. Healey (Rm. 47) 

National Honor Society
Advisors:  Mrs. Gryzewicz (Rm.24) and Mrs. Zanolini (Rm.27)

News Clip Art -

Newspaper Club
Advisor:  Mrs. Brozena (Art Room)
Do you like to write? Do you enjoy school and school activities/ Do you like talking to others?  Do you like telling stories? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, the newspaper club is for you!  newspaper club meets for a few moments in the beginning of activity period in the ART ROOM, but most of the work will be done through e-mail.  Students are asked to choose from a list of topics to write an article about for the school newspaper, an online blog that can be found on the high school website under the heading, Comet Connection.  Students generally have a couple of weeks to turn in their articles after writing the interview questions needed for the article.  If you are interested in writing for the Comet Connection, stop and sign up with Mrs. Brozena in the art room.

Advisor:  Mrs. Harper (Rm. 54)
First meeting will not be until October.
Complete project in Science and math and present your findings.  Regional meeting is March 4, 2017.  State Meeting is May 14 - 16.
For more details, come to the meeting during October Activity Period.  Students will sign up in Science and Math classes before the October meeting.

Science Olympiad

Advisors:  Mrs. Gryzkewicz (Rm. 24) and Mrs. Zanolini (Rm.27)

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Spanish Club | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images

Spanish Club
Advisors :  Mrs. Cinoski (Rm. 43), Mrs. Moulton (Rm. 72) and Mrs. Masteller (Rm. 71)

... science collection facts com today s science science online scienceWelcome to the Technology Lab at Armstrong Elementary School!pop-culture
Star Fleet Club
Advisor:  Mr. Wagner (rm. 46)
Star Fleet Club meets during activity periods and once a week after school, day TBD.  We play and talk about video games, science, technology, and poplar culture.  It is a place to meet with and make new friends with similar interests.

Student Governments:

Advisor:  Mr. Herring (Rm. 25)

Meetings are called by the Student Government President.
Meetings announced on the AM and PM announcements, but you must have a ride home.  See Mr. Herring in Room 25 to get involved.  Students represent Crestwood High School, we raise money and support activities at CHS.

Trout in the Classroom
Advisor:  Ms. Randle (Rm.23)
Do you like to fish?  Do you like fish?  A small group of students are needed to set - up, maitain, and run the fish tank.  We receive brook trout eggs through the Trout in the Classroom program and raise them throughout the school year. Daily feeding, tank cleaning, and water testing are required.  We meet during Homeroom from October through may/Activity Period.

Dark Blue with Love: YearbookLove Yearbook
Advisor:  Mrs. Brozena (Art Room)

Sports at Crestwood

Fall Sports
Field Hockey
Cross Country (Boys and Girls)
Soccer (Boys and Girls)
Tennis (Girls)
Golf (Boys and Girls)

Winter Sports

Basketball (Girls and Boys)
Ice Hockey (Club)

Spring Sports

Track and Field (Boys and Girls)
Lacrosse (Boys and Girls)
Tennis (Boys)
Volleyball (Boys)