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Crestwood Virtual Academy

Cost: $250 per student, per course
Fully-Supported Summer School Program
6-week summer school course offerings for students in grades 6 through 12 – graded by VLN teachers.
Overview: Each 30-day summer school course contains key content, relevant online resources and structured assessments. All daily modules begin with a reading assignment followed by a writing assessment and a 10-question multiple-choice quiz. Every week, a 5-question short answer assignment is presented, adding to the authentic assessment of the course. Twenty multiple-choice and 5 short-answer question final exams complete each summer school course.

• First Day of Program: June 24th
• Last Day of Program: August 2nd

Teachers/Grading Support: VLN teachers provide grading support

Language Arts
6th Grade Language Arts
7th Grade Language Arts
8th Grade Language Arts
9th Grade Language Arts
10th Grade Language Arts
11th Grade Language Arts
12th Grade Language Arts
Mathematics – Course 1
Mathematics – Course 2
Mathematics – Course 3
Algebra 1
Algebra II

Middle School Physical Science
Life Science
Earth Science
Environmental Science
General Science
High School Physical Science

Social Studies
Middle School World History
World Geography
Middle School U.S. History I 
High School World History
U S History II
Economics/American Government