Classroom Policy
Mrs. Sherman’s Classroom Policies

Class Rules:
1.    Always try your best!
2.    Listen to the teacher and others when they speak.
3.    Ask questions. No question is a silly question.
4.    Always come prepared to class with your class materials and a writing utensil.
5.    Raise your hand and get permission to speak.
6.    Complete all class work and homework.
7.    Treat people the way you want to be treated.
8.    Respect other people’s feelings and property.

Grading Policy:
1.    Tests
2.    Quizzes
3.    Homework
4.    Classroom work
5.    Participation and Preparedness

Homework Policy:
1.    Complete homework each night Monday through Thursday. Usually no homework on Friday.
2.    Incomplete or lack of homework will have a negative affect on your performance.
3.    A note from your parent/guardian with a legitimate reason why the homework was not done will be accepted as an excused homework provided the note is turned in on the day the homework is due.

Discipline Policy:
Depending on the nature of the behavior, any or all of the following actions may be taken to correct the misbehavior.
1.    Verbal warning.
2.    Name written on the board as a warning. Checks next to your name for each additional warning. Total of three checks warrants a possible lunch detention.
3.    A discussion with Mrs. Sherman on how to improve or change the inappropriate behavior.
4.    Parents will be informed by phone, note, or conference for consistent discipline issues.
5.    A failed test (69% or below) is serious. The student is encouraged to make corrections on the test to earn a passing grade. A lunch detention may be given for the student to make corrections if he/she is in jeopardy of failing for the marking period.