2-3 Mrs. Macking

Hello! My Name Is...

Mrs. Macking

I am really looking forward to having you in my class.  We will be doing a lot of fun activities.

8:40-9:00 Homeroom Please arrive by  8:50
Attendance and Lunch will be taken by 8:50
9:00-11:00   Ela
11:00-11:30  Lunch
11:30-12:30  Math
12:30-1:15  Flex
1:15-2:00  Special
2:00-2:30  Recess

2:30-2:45 Handwriting
2:25-3:30 MFA

  Please check planner daily for homework assignments.  Please sign planner. I will communicate with you through the planner.  We will write any concerns in the planner and will respond the same day.

Excuses and dismissal notes:  Please write a personal note to me if your child has been absent and if you child will be picked up early.