WIDA Performance Definitions: Reading Performance Definitions
Sight words are important in learning how to read fluently. The powerpoint below has all the sight words your child needs to learn. Also see for videos that help sight word reading. 
sight words.pptx

WIDA Student Rubric: Writing rubric.pdf

WIDA Student Rubric: speaking rubric.pdf

WIDA Official Rubric:  Listening Performance Definitions
Students practice listening skills with a variety of vocabulary and sentence structures. The following resources can help students practice listening skills.
WIDA Access 2.0
 The following handout can answer questions about the WIDA Access assessment. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
When will my child take the test? - The state of Pennsylvania gives schools a window in order to complete the assessment. This year that window runs from January 22, 2018 to February 23, 2018. The test will be administered when it is best agreeable for the student based on a collaboration between the ESL teacher and general education teacher, preferably at their designated ESL time.   

How will my child take the test?
- Students in first to sixth grade at Fairview Elementary will take the test online using the WIDA Access 2.0. Before the assessment, we practice with Chromebooks to be familiar with them. Kindergarten students are tested using a seperate Kindergarten assessment. Students in grades first to fifth take the writing portion of the assessment with a combination of the Chromebook and paper. Their responses are handwritten.

Who will give my child ACCESS for ELLs 2.0? - The Access for ELLs must be administered by a certified professional. This means the teacher must go through annual training in order to administer the assessment. At Fairview Elementary, the ESL teacher is currently Stacey Panas.

Where will my child take the test?  - The test will be administered where the student receives ESL services, in Ms. Panas' classroom.

Did someone from the school explain the test to my son/daughter? - The Access test is discussed frequently in the ESL classroom in order to prepare students for the testing format and higher level language requirements. For students who have opted out of the assessment, frequent check ins with the student and general education teacher ensure the student will be comfortable taking the assessment. 

Are all of my child’s teachers aware that he/she is taking the test? - Yes, at Fairview Elementary, the ESL teacher and general education teachers work closely to ensure that all students are supported. All teachers work together to share information in order to best support the student. 

If my child has an Individualized Education Program (IEP), what accommodations will be provided to him/her during the test?  - Available accommodations are outlined in the following document. This question varies based on the needs of the student. 

When and how will the scores be shared with me? - Scores are received to the school at the end of June. They will be provided to you at the beginning of the next school year sent home with your child. Please feel free to email me in order to request scores earlier. 

Does my child need to take the Access test? - All students identified as an ELL, regardless of opt out status, are required to take the WIDA Access assessment. If your child attends ESL or you have completed a form opting your child out from ESL than your child is included in this population. Students who have exited or are in a monitoring status are not required to take the WIDA Access assessment.  

Other languages available:

The following can help you to better understand the WIDA Access score reports provided at the beginning of each year. 

Other languages available:

Exiting ESL
In order to exit from ESL, students must meet Pennsylvania's Reclassification requirements. Students must have at least a 4.5 on the WIDA Access 2.0 to be considered for reclassification.
Reclassification Monitoring and Redesignation of ELs.pdf