Physical Education Activity List

Sample Activities for Rice Physical Education
For In-School Instruction

All Activities Reflect the Pennsylvania State Standards for Health, Safety, and Physical Education and Pennsylvania Standards Aligned System K-6 Bands for Health, Safety, and Physical Education. We will not use all activities in this list each year. This list is for potential reference only. 

Basketball Stations (All Grades)
Station #1 = Two Bounce/Around-the-World/PIG
Station #2  (Optional)= Shark Attack
Station #3 = Knockout/Modified TAPS...21/Fireball

Beep Test (All Grades)
Grade 6 = Max. Level 10 
Grade 5 = Max. Level 9 
Grade 4 = Max Level 8
Grade 3 = Max Level 7
Grade 2 = Max Level 6
Grade 1 = Max Level 4
K = Max Level 3

Bowling Pin Knockdown (All Grades)
Plastic Bowling Pins, Gator-skinned balls.
The winning team knocks down the opponent’s pins before their pins are knocked down.

Boot Camp (Grades 4-6)
The class follows the instructor through a series of intense calisthenics.

Chicken, Chicken/Jack, Jack (Grades K-3)
Relay type races using a combination of items to retrieve/replace. Students may work independently without competition.

Cheese Disk (Grades 4-6)
Foam Frisbees, Cheese balls, basketball hoops.
Teams try to send opponents to jail. Cheese balls free teammates by hitting opposite basketball goals.

Corner Ball (Grades 4-6)

Dance— Celebration Dances, Hip Hop (Grades K-3)
Students follow the instructor moving body to rhythm in a variety of patterns.

Dr. Good (Grades 4-6)
Scooters, Mats, Gator-skinned balls.
The Dr. takes patients from emergency room to O.R. using scooter as gurney.

Football Skills (Grades 4-6)
Passing, Catching, Throwing etc.

Four Square (Grades 4-6)
Four square balls
Pending floor tape application on new rubberized surface.

Germ Tag (Grades K-6)
Foam noodles/Scooter.
When the germ tags people on scooters, they must ride to a sink (gym mat) and wash hands in order to return to play.

Grab It (Grades K-3)

Hacky Sack (Grades 4-6)
Individual skills and group activities. 

Hand Pong or Ping-Pong Handball (Grades 4-6)
Table tennis balls, floor tape.
Students play games of handball as it would be played on a racquetball court but use the walls as boundaries.

Hit and Run... Modified (Grades 4-6)

Like the above video but with groups of 2 vs. each other. If ball is dropped, must restart again with five close passes before partner can move for a long pass.

Hoop Handball (Grades 4-6)
One-handed bounce vs. a partner. If you win volley, you stay and face another person from your group. Ball must travel lower than head height and may not bounce more than once.

Hoop Brick Road (All Grades)
Rock/Paper/Scissors and hopping through each hoop from sides of gym.

Hula Hoop (Grades K-3)
Individual skills, group contests, tricks, roller-run, etc. Hula Hoop Madness like musical chairs but no student is "out" since everyone ends up in two or three hoops.

Hula Hut (Grades 4-6)
Hula Hoops, Gator-skinned balls.
Teams build spheres and try to knock down the other team’s sphere.

Hula Hut Relay Crawl (Grades K-3)
Teams build and crawl through spheres.

Jogging/Walking Contest...Indoor Half Mile (Grades 4-6)
18 Full Laps Around Gym. No cutting inside of floor markers.

Jump Rope (Grades 4-6)
Long and short jump ropes.

Kids In Motion I and II (Grades K-3)
Students follow the teacher while engaging in movements dictated through songs.

Lacrosse (Grades 4-6)
Basic lacrosse skills such as catching, throwing, cradling, and scooping.  

Limb Dodge (Grades 4-6)
Gator-skinned balls.
When a ball touches a student’s leg, he/she/ze must hop on the other foot.

Mushrooms (All Grades)
Soft foam Frisbees, cones, gator-skinned balls.
Teams try to knock the mushroom tops off of the other team’s mushrooms.

Paddle Ball (Grades 4-6)
able tennis balls, paddles.
Students play racquetball-type games using the walls of the gym.

Parachute Activities (Grades K-6)
Large and Small Parachutes

Physical Fitness Stations (All Grades)
Electrical Impedance Monitors Grades 4-6, Muscular Strength, Endurance, Speed, Agility etc.

Police Officer (Grades K-3)
Yellow, Red, Green, and Blue Gator Skinned Balls, Scooters

Roller Ball/Roller Dodge (Grades 4-6)
Gator-skinned balls.

Scooter Races (Grades 4-6)
Holding handles, Sitting, and On Chest...

Sign Turnover, Tiger Tail Tag, Link-Up, Steal The Bacon, Bulldozers and Cranes (Grades K-3) For Bulldozers and Cranes, consider using large therapy balls and light cones.

Shopping Bag Challenge (Grades K-3)
Reaction Time Activities
Hand Claps Straight and Spinning
Lifeguard Races
Reaction Time Activities

Soccer Skills/Passing/Juggling/One Bounce (Grades 4-6)
Soccer balls.

Step Aerobics (All Grades)
Plastic Steps.

Tae Bo, Tai Chi, Kick Boxing (Grades K-3)
Students follow the lead of the instructor.

Traffic Signal on Scooters (Grades K-6)
Red, Yellow, and Green Gator-Skinned Balls.
Tagged by yellow = Must stop and do five scooter roll-outs. 
Tagged by red = Must ride to impound area and wait for green (wait in a line)
Tagged by green = Alternates between impound areas to free cars.

Volley Wall (Grades 4-6)
Using trainer volleyballs in groups of 3 or 4. Use volleyball skills such as serve, bump, overhead volley, etc. to send ball into green boundary areas. Then play of 1 vs. 1 with 2 referees.

Volleyball Groups/Balloon Ball/Balzac/Clean Up Your Backyard (Grades K-3)

Wall Tennis (Grades 4-6)

Yoga (All Grades)
Students follow the lead of the instructor.


The maximum number of regularly-scheduled P.E. classes per section is 40— which does not include Friday rotation days when we utilize video streaming and other forms of media to supplement instruction related to health and safety. We will also incorporate similar media-driven lessons during days when the gymnasium is unavailable due to programs or other special events.