Girls Lacrosse Rules Changes - 2020

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2-2-5d, 2-4-3b, c (NEW) – Separates and distinguishes the crosse inspection requirements for the front and back face of the stick. Limits the inspection requirements of the back of the pocket to ensuring the ball rolls out of the back of the pocket when placed in the upper third of the head at its widest point when tilted at 90 degrees.
Rationale: Clarifies the requirements for crosse inspection on the back face of the pocket.

2-7-2 – All eyewear on the playing field must be SEI certified and listed on the SEI website starting January 1, 2020 and clarifies that all eyewear must bear the SEI mark for certification by January 1, 2025.
Rationale: Reduces burdenon consumer to purchase new eyewear before 2025 while maintaining the requirement to have SEI certified eyewear by Jan. 1, 2020. 

2-7-4 – Equipment shall not be modified from its original manufactured state and shall be worn in the manner the manufacturer intended it to be worn.
Rationale: Clarifies the responsibility to maintain the integrity of protective equipment for risk minimization purposes.

2-8-4 NEW – Electronic devices, video replay, or television monitoring equipment shall not be used for any review of an official's decision.
Rationale: Establishes that video replay is not allowed for reviewing official’s decisions.

4-2-3a thru g; 4-3-3 a thru d NEW; 4-7-7c; 5-1-2; 5-1-3b; 5-1-3 PENALTIES 1 & 2; 5-2-5a; 5-3-1c; 5-3-1e(1), (2) & (3)iv; 5-4-4c; 5-5-3a & b; 6-3-1b thru d; 7-3 PENALTIES 1; 9-1 PENALTIES for Violation of 9-1-1a, b and e-q: 1, 3a, 3d & 4; 9-1 PENALTIES for Violation of 9-1-1d; 10-1z PENALTIES 1, 3, 4d, 4e, NOTE, 5, 5b, 6, 8d, 9; 11-2-1 PENALTIES 2, 4, 5, 5a, 5b – Provides for free movement.
Rationale: Improves pace of play while keeping up with the current trends of the game and athleticism of the student-athlete.

5-2-2 – Allows for any number up to twelve players of each team to be on the field before the start of each draw.
Rationale: Creates consistency in the rules related to number of players allowed on the field during play.

6-3-1a, 6-3-2a – When the ball has gone out of bounds, it is established that the opponent nearest the ball may commence play with a self-start without coming to a full stop inbounds.
Rationale: Creates consistency of penalty administration and maintains pace of play. 

6-3-2 – When a shot or deflected shot on goal goes out of bounds, the player whose body or crosse is inbounds and nearest to the ball when it crosses the boundary will gain possession of the ball.
Rationale: Clarifies that the position of a player’s body or stick shall be considered when determining who is closer to the ball when a shot crosses the boundary line.

9-1b – Adds language in covering a ground ball to include foot, body or crosse.
Rationale: Clarifies the minor foul for covering.

10-1c – Adds language to expand a check to the head to include the neck as a major foul.
Rationale: Emphasizes the inclusion of the neck as a check to the head.

10-1j(1) NEW – Self-starting before the whistle or any movement simulating the beginning of play designed to gain an advantage over one’s opponent is a false start. 
Rationale: Establishes that self-starting when self-start is not an option is a major foul.

10-1 PENALTIES 4 – For a major foul by a defense player between the arc and the fan, the free position will be taken on the 12-meter fan closest to the spot of the foul.
Rationale: Allows for consistent administration of the free position and limits potentially dangerous play in the critical scoring area.

2020 Girls Lacrosse Editorial Changes

2-5-2, 2-6-1, 2-7-2, 2-7-3, 3-5-1, 7-3 PENALTIES 1, 7-3-1 SITUATION C, 8-1 PENALTIES 1 thru 5, 8-1 SITUATIONS AND RULINGS, 8-1 PENALTIES 6, 9-1l(5) NEW, 10-1S, 10-1 PENALTIES 4, 10-1-1 PENALTIES

2020 Girls Lacrosse Points of Emphasis

  1. Starts and Restarts
  2. Delay of Game – Self-start
  3. Repeated Fouls