Fast D Pick

Fast D Pick
The Ultimate Person's Guide for Excellence

Remember this acronym and focus your actions on it. 

F= Fitness... Spiritual, Emotional, Physical (Agility, Balance, Coordination, Power, Reaction Time, Speed, Body Composition, Flexibility, Aerobic/Anaerobic Cardio, Muscular Strength, and Muscular Endurance. Diet = Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins/Minerals, Water. Rest/Recovery.) 

A= Attitude... Stay Positive. Thoughts become words. Words become actions. This works both in negative and positive ways, so manifest optimism through your thoughts, words, and actions. 

S= Skills including basic and advanced, technical, intrapersonal, and interpersonal.

T= Tactics... Tactical application and awareness. (Understand well your and your opponent's tactics.)

D= Discipline... Have grit, toughness, resilience, and durability.  

P= Demonstrate passion for what you're doing. If you lose a bit of passion, rely on discipline. 

I= Introspection... Realistically analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Capitalize on your strengths and work to overcome your weaknesses. 

C= Creativity... See an unlimited number of solutions to any problem.

K= Knowledge and the continued pursuit thereof in formal educational and informal/independent settings.