10 Soft Skills Required

10 Soft Skills Coach Kile Requires from each Athlete

1. Be Coachable/Opened To Correction.

2. Have A Strong Work Ethic/High Work Rate/Give Your Best Effort/Do Whatever is Needed To Finish A Job.

3. Be Introspective/Self- Analytical

4. Demonstrate Positive Body Language.

5. Be Able To Move Forward After A Mistake And Learn From It. Be Able To Make Corrections By Yourself.

6. Have A Positive Attitude/Optimism/Good Outlook.

7. Be Passionate About What You're Doing.

8. Be Punctual/On Time.

9. Do More Than The Bare Minimum Without Being Told/Be Self-Sufficient and Self-Motivated.

10. Be Prepared/Pay Attention To Detail/AND Be Aware Of And Pay Attention To Your Environment.